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    Does Technology Scare or Empower You?

    New technology has radically shaped and changed just about every industry. Funeral Service is no different. Whether it’s the technology used in the manufacturing of products or equipment behind the scenes, or technology used to manage and grow our businesses, understanding what’s available and learning how to maximize technology available is crucial. What’s your first step? It just might be accepting that technology is our friend, and then deciding you’ll fully engage in its use.

    The perception among some in the funeral service industry is that businesses in this sector are slow to adopt software and hardware that can improve these businesses.

    "Many funeral directors are afraid of computers,” observes one funeral professional. “This is particularly true with older funeral directors,” he continues. “They think the computer is something for their kids to use – which may be true. However, I think far too many African-American directors are missing the boat on what it can do for our businesses.”

    One thing is clear: When put into use, advances in technology have multiplied the capabilities of businesses providing funeral service. Today a business owner in funeral service can more adeptly take command of the finances of the business, operational details, and the process of reaching out to the community.  With the addition of a laptop, common software applications, a Smartphone, and easily downloadable apps, the business can be managed more effectively. Facts and figures that were in the past more difficult to compile and analyze, can now be found at one’s fingertips.

    What is perhaps most important is that technology is far easier for everyone to use than ever before. The addition of touch screens and swipe functionality has simplified use.  While some functionality may not be as intuitive for older funeral professionals, you can quickly learn enough to make your business far more productive. So, what are you doing to elevate your use of technology?

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    The practice of honoring the passing of loved ones by preserving the remains, using cloth, spices, and special techniques, and then placing the deceased in a container for a final ceremony and then burial, dates back to Ancient Egypt, an African country.

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